One of the most relatable World Record holders on the planet, Meredith's smile and small stature stands out.  She uses every inch of her 5'6" body to out maneuver a field of women that stand inches taller than her and twenty to forty pounds heavier.  She is the "Kate Moss" of the marathon swimming world.

After smashing the men's record and becoming the first female to ever swim from the island of Lanai to Maui and back - swimming 20 miles - she is on course to be the first person to ever swim around the entire island of Oahu in 2016.  When two sharks approached Meredith during her double Channel swim, her story went viral.  Everyone from Perez Hilton, NBC, the Huffington Post and ESPN wanted to know the story!  More than 1,000 newspapers ran the story and fans from 40 countries followed her progress...not bad for her debut Channel swim!

A former professional triathlete, Meredith comes from a very strong swimming background.  She was top 5 in the world as an Age Group Backstroker.  She combined a career in coaching with competing professionally after graduating from college and traveled around the globe.

Her huge smile, positive and engaging personality draw people in.  Sponsors like the Marsha Nadalin Salon and The Surfing Channel love her and the news channels enjoy interviewing her.  Her long blonde hair attracts a lot of attention.  Turning 40 years old this year, her career as a marathon swimmer is just starting.  A baby when compared to Diana Nyad, who is 63, Meredith embraces her age and her body type.  She inspires others and motivates people to never give up, dream big and to love the body they have.

People usually expect world class swimmers to be 6 feet tall and when Meredith walks into a room, she doesn't just turn heads...she turns hearts!